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In 1964 I got married. We moved to Carlisle. I'd got myself a job teaching typography at the College of Art. It was an agreeable place to live but the job wasn't very exciting.

Here I am giving a really interested student some really useful advice.

I was still writing songs in my spare time but to no particular purpose; there were no folk clubs in the area where I could test them out. And so my mind turned to other things such as...........


Why cartoons I don’t know. But one day I thought of a joke, drew it up and sent it to the editor of ‘Punch’. It was politely rejected. But I wasn’t put off. I sent it to the ‘Daily mirror - it was accepted. And they sent me a cheque for £5 - which in those days was enough to pay for a weeks groceries. What more incentive did I need?
From that time on, each week for about 2 years, I posted off a dozen or so cartoons to one or other of the daily newspapers. In a good week one or two would be accepted

Here's one that appeared in
the Daily Mirror in 1965

Here are some more

As you may have concluded they were not 'laugh out loud' funny.
They didn't have to be. I reckon just so long as the picture editor thought the readers would 'get the joke' that was good enough for him. The £5 was good enough for me..