.A one hour DVD of six Stanley Bagshaw stories
.written,drawn & told by Bob Wilson.

The Stanley Bagshaw TV series was first broadcast across the ITV network in 1984. That same year Episode 6 won the Golden Gate special jury Prize at the Los Angeles film festival.It was subsequently repeated on BBC2 & channel 4, and all around the world. YTV never marketed a video or dvd
In 1994 however, the rights reverted back to me, along with the all important master-tape. The DVD available here is a high quality copy taken from that master tape.

It will be signed and dedicated to you or whoever you wish.


..£16.46 GBP (includes post & packing)

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But before you pay, click here to contact me, and let me know to whom you want the video signing and dedicating.

A perfect gift for a Stanley Fan

.Stanley Bagshaw artwork
Signed and dedicated to you.

The art work on sale in the Artwork Gallery is that which was used to make the Stanley Bagshaw TV series.
It's the original artwork - (not a copy or a print). In fact you could say it's the 'the original of the original' - because all but two of the six Stanley stories on the video were done for TV first and only later became books.

There are many more pieces of artwork for sale than appear in the gallery. I'll be changing and/or adding to what's on show from time to time.
If there's a particular picture you'd like to have a look at with a view to maybe buying.

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